Friday, December 16, 2011

Through Katie's eyes

Cooper left for a Webelos winter campout today. He and his group were supposed to leave Mr. Brian's house at 3:30 p.m.

But Mr. Brian's SUV, the one that pulls the big trailer full of tents and coolers and assorted gear, had a tire with a slow leak. (I am thankful the leak was discovered before the trip rather than during.)

So another dad, Mr. Rodney, offered his SUV. For reasons I don't understand, the keys to his SUV were at his Plano office. While he drove south and back to fetch his keys, Katie and I waited with Cooper and a few other boys and some dads.

(photo by Tyra/all others by Katie)
For some of the time, the boys played touch football. Katie watched as long as she could, and then she grew bored and asked for my camera. Here are some of her images. You can see more here.

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reluctantevangelist said...

Thanks for sharing Katie's pictures. They give alot of insight into who she is because she sees detail that most of us miss because we are too busy looking at the big picture. I also like the picture of Tyra with Katie's shadow, which looks very tall. :-)