Thursday, February 12, 2009

25 things

For the few of my few readers who aren't on Facebook, here are my "25 Random Things."

1. My sweet hippie mom wanted to name me Cookie. Our last name? Crumb
2. The first song I remember singing to is "The Day the Music Died." I was 4.
3. I have always loved school.
4. We moved in the middle of second grade from Farmers Branch to Belton. The teachers and principal in Belton decided to skip me to third grade. After that, I was always a year younger than my classmates.
5. I grew up playing word games with my dear Gramma. I still love all word games, but no one can play like Kathryn Sibley Thomas.
6. We named our daughter after Gramma. I was pregnant with Kathryn Sibley Damm when my grandmother died.
7. I knew I wanted to be a writer from the time I was 8.
8. I bit my nails until I was 20. I was driving to meet Steve for a date when I looked down at my ugly, chewed fingers and decided to stop. I haven't bit my nails for 16 years.
9. I have always lived in Texas.
10. Every July and August, I wish we lived somewhere cooler.
11. I have been skiing three times and don't ever want to go again. I always fall down. Who wants to spend vacation falling down?
12. I love the beach. I didn't discover this until my mid-20s.
13. I didn't grow up going to church regularly. Now I can't imagine being without my church family.
14. I didn't have my hair cut by a non-family member until I was 24. I think I frightened that first stylist when I told him so. He barely took off half an inch.
15. Thinking about my husband Steve takes my breath away every time.
16. The older I get, the more nervous I get about speaking in public.
17. I helped train hundreds of journalists how to use a new computer system. It was one of my favorite jobs.
18. I love cooking and baking.
19. I don't like to clean.
20. Years ago I created a word puzzle that I sometimes play in my head. I can teach it to you, but I can't imagine anyone else would want to play it.2
1. I do not like scary movies. I do not like to see previews for scary movies. Thinking too long about a certain Stephen King movie that takes place in a big hotel gives me nightmares.
22. I love being mom to Cooper and Katie. They surprise, astound, entertain and spread joy every day.
23. I need some alone time every day to feel rested.
24. I don't like saying goodbye. I cry every year on the last day of school -- as a student and now as a mom.
25. I am almost always steady and certain during crises.