Saturday, April 11, 2009

Church egg hunt

We learned today that Katie isn't the most strategic egg hunter. She scooped up just four.

I expect that next year she'll have a different plan. She wasn't happy with her portion, especially when she saw Cooper's bounty.

She is an excellent kite flyer, though. She just throws it up and starts moving with success every time! I loved watching this tiny little girl holding a string attached to a kite dozens of feet above. She was serene and happy.
Cooper's egg hunting skills are tops, but he has some kite skills to master. He wants to run before the kite has a chance to get enough lift. And he has trouble letting out string fast enough. We have a nearby field that's ideal for flying kites -- we can practice more this spring.
More photos from today's church egg hunt are here. (We loved having Delaney join us!)