Sunday, December 18, 2011


Katie and her wares 
Our church is participating in the Advent Conspiracy again. The idea is that you spend less on gifts for people who don't really need them and more on folks who do.

In the past years we've helped buy mosquito nets in the effort to prevent malaria and clean water wells in underdeveloped countries.

This year, money donated will buy Plumpy'nut, a peanut butter-based food that helps reverse severe malnutrition in children. It's a nutrient-rich, shelf-stable product that requires no additional ingredients or cooking.

On Wednesday, Pastor Andy was visiting us at the house. Katie came into the family room with two tubs from her arts-and-crafts supplies -- jingle bells and puff balls.

She said that she wanted to raise money to buy Plumpy'nut by selling a handful of the bells and balls for $1. And she wanted to raise $10 by Sunday.

By the end of the night, she had $4.47.

Fellow first-grader Jason buys $2 worth of puff balls and jingle bells from the family room store.
On Thursday afternoon, she set up shop in the family room, and I posted a FaceBook invitation to neighbors to stop by. She sold a few more handfuls, often for more than the $1 she requested.

I delivered orders to a PTA board cookie exchange that night. And again the next day at school.

The last of Katie's inventory
By Friday afternoon, she was out of inventory. And she'd raised $49.47.

Pastor Andy spoke about Katie and her fundraising efforts at the 8:30 service this morning. Then he donated a dollar to her total, to push her over $50. Pastor Georgia did the same.

After the service, a few more church members approached Katie with dollar bills.

She walked out of the sanctuary, through the Narthex and into the hallway, where she handed over $59.47 to members of our church missions committee -- almost six times her goal.

Thank you to everyone who supported Katie's cause!

A packet of Plumpy'nut

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reluctantevangelist said...

Could we be any prouder of our most mission oriented member!?!? Love you Katie! Hope I am as thoughtful of others as you are when I grow up (whenever that might be!). - Georgia