Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Webkinz clothes

A couple of years ago we embraced the Webkinz craze. Cooper and Katie have so many that we've lost count. They play with them more offline than online these days.

Yesterday, for example, Cooper used pillows and crates to create movie theater-style seats for about eight of his "babies." Together they watched Swiss Family Robinson.

He's fascinated by Webkinz clothing and perhaps is expecting some for Christmas. (As far as I know, Santa won't be delivering any. Santa's helper thinks that clothes for Webkinz are somewhat unnecessary.)

A few days ago he crafted a paper crown for Rudolph, the reindeer Webkin, and declared the furry fellow the "king of Christmas."

Tonight he fashioned a tail cover for Tigey the tiger and a cap for Snappy the turtle.

See, no one needs to buy clothes! We can just make them at home.

Wise men's gifts

Cooper is working on homework, drawing something meaningful about the holidays. He chose to draw a Nativity scene.

As he was drawing the wise men, he said, "What are the three gifts? Gold, kindness and friendship?"

I just love our sweet boy.

Tuesday, December 09, 2008


Cooper decided he wanted to be included in the annual visit with Santa. Yay!

The kids and I drove to Allen after school on Friday. We waited for about five minutes to chat with the Big Guy -- the shortest line ever. I'm worried that his obscure outdoor location is keeping folks away.

Katie jumped up and down while we waited. And then she giggled the entire time she was with Santa. She didn't say hello or Merry Christmas or even request a gift. She just hee-hee'd until our time was over.

Cooper asked for the Lego Batman game for Wii. It's rated E-10. Santa and his helpers are considering if a 7-year-old should have an E-10 game.

Pie in my face

Cooper specifically asked that I write about this in my blog.

He sold more than $300 in popcorn for Cub Scouts this year. As a reward, he and other Scouts were allowed to throw a pie in an adult's face at tonight's pack meeting.

I was certain he would choose his den leader. I was wrong.

Cooper was jumping up and down, he was so excited at his chance.

I was called to the stage (the den meets in an elementary school cafeteria). I took off my glasses and waited. Cooper taunted me for just a few moments and then slammed the whip cream in my face. It splattered in my hair and all over my clothes.

The crowd went wild! Well, not really, but there was applause and laughter. And a great big Cooper smile.