Wednesday, April 03, 2013

Roller coaster

Monday I received an email from one of Cooper's teachers:

"... I teach Cooper every day and know him to be of excellent character, I know parents make that happen!"

Seriously, is there anything better? I've been filled with joy from that one sentence all week.

And then today, I check the online grade book -- both a boon and a curse -- and find a really, really low grade in science. So low, in fact, that I guessed that Cooper had just forgotten to turn in the assignment.

I emailed that teacher, asking if he'd earned the grade or failed to turn in the work.

She replied:

"He turned in the assignment. He has it in his journal. I will have him bring it home today for your review."

Oh, the roller coaster of middle school. All that joy seems to have evaporated.

As I'm reviewing his work this afternoon, I'll do my best to keep in mind his excellent character. And all the other work that hasn't had a big ol' zero at the top.

Up and down, twists and turns. Wheee!

Update: The assignment required the use of one formula. Cooper used a different formula, therefore all of his answers were incorrect.

My main request for the future: That when he comes home and I ask, "How are you? Any news? Anything exciting today? Did you get any grades back?" that he'll actually answer. I'd much rather hear about assignments from him than read about them, out of context, online.

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