Sunday, April 07, 2013

Bench outtakes

Every Sunday that we go to church and/or Sunday school, I take a photo of Cooper and Katie on Steve's bench.

Actually, I take multiple photos. I'm not a professional photographer. I use a point-and-shoot camera. My framing is often askew. The sun is often "in the way." Katie's hair sometimes flies in Cooper's face. One child might be wide awake while the other is still sleepy. One child might think that other child's grip is too tight around his or her shoulders.

There are many variables.

Here are just a few recent photos that didn't make my final edit.

Sometimes a child or two is rolling his or her eyes at the photographer's antics.
Sometimes one child is laughing and the other is closing his eyes defensively because of windy hair.
Sometimes both Cooper & Katie have their eyes closed. Then we realize the effect of the position of the sun and turn around.
And sometimes it appears that one child is about to bite another. Not that that would ever happen.

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