Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Tax-free weekend

The Morning News today ran a column I wrote about tax-free weekend. As a result I've heard from two old friends -- one from college, another from my college internship.

The college friend once had me to go a psychic for a story he was writing on psychics. I was pretty skeptical, so I don't think I was the best palm-reading client. The old building that housed the palm-reader was long ago demolished to make room for the I-35 and SH121 expansion.

The internship friend told me that her daughter, who I remember as a preschooler/kindergartner, is returning to Texas Tech for her sophomore year. I graduated college 14 years ago, so of course that makes sense, but I don't feel that old. I wonder how many years have to pass before I stop having that nightmare that I have one more math class to complete before I receive my degree but I never make it to class on time, so I keep failing.

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