Monday, August 27, 2007

First grade

Cooper's class theme is bears, and the doorway is decorated like the entrance to a cave.

Good gracious, summer flew by. Actually, the whole year. Click here to see Cooper on the first day of school last year. (He just keeps stretching out. He definitely has his daddy's tall, thin legs.)

Before the walk to school this morning

Cooper enthusiastically started first grade this morning. His class includes some of his best buddies from Mrs. D's class as well as good friends from soccer. His teacher, Mrs. B, is a mom from our school and an experienced teacher, but this is her first year working at our campus.

This year won't be as gentle as last. Moms and dads aren't encouraged to visit class as often (something writer Judith Warner would agree with) and there is no afternoon snack time. Spelling tests start in a few weeks. (Last year nothing had to be spelled correctly.)

Getting comfortable in the classroom at meet-the-teacher night last Friday

I hope Cooper loves first grade as much as I did. I loved my teacher, Miss Jones; my little school; my best friend, Sascha; all the books and reading; and the playground.

Steve went to work late a little late so he could join us on the short walk to school.

Katie starts preschool two days a week next week. Her teacher sent a handmade book in the mail a couple of weeks ago. It is a hit with Katie, who asks to read it throughout the day and is already in love with Mrs. M, though they haven't yet met.

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