Tuesday, October 11, 2011

First-grade Katie

Katie is wearing glasses now, to correct her slight nearsightedness. (Special thanks to teacher Kelly Starnes, who noticed that Katie was having trouble reading the board during class.)

She chose the frames by herself -- they suit her very well! She takes excellent care of her glasses. Last week she asked to go to Nurse Morris' office twice -- both times because there were smudges on the lenses. When Nurse Morris offered to clean them with a tissue, Katie insisted that she stop and use "the special cleaning cloth." (We have since discussed that it's not necessary to clean smudges every single time they appear. And Katie's packing a "special cleaning cloth" in her bag each day.)

Yesterday was parent-teacher conference day. Katie's classroom teacher, Shannon Gallant, shared this writing and art sample.

From left: Katie, Margie, me (wearing green, my favorite color, and saying "let's go to Nana Yogurt") and Cooper

Text translation:
"I love my mommy. She is nice. I go to Nana Yogurt. I watch a lot of TV. My brother is Cooper."

My notes:
"I watch a lot of TV" makes me laugh -- I'm always certain that Cooper and Katie feel like they don't watch enough TV.

A giant M for the University of Michigan, in honor of Steve 

"My daddy died. He was so nice. My dog is a Scottie. I love my family. My dog barks a lot. I love writing."

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