Friday, July 15, 2011


We're attending a Harry Potter party at Barnes & Noble tomorrow afternoon. Katie wants to go as Hermione -- specifically young Hermione, with the wavy hair.

So, tonight I separated her hair into tiny braids all over her head. 

Just before bed tonight

As we sat crisscross together on her bed, I told her that many African-American moms and daughters have this same ritual every week. They sit together and visit while mom braids (though certainly with more precision than me).

I wondered out loud about our friend and neighbor Kyla, who used to wear her hair in braids -- what day of the week did Celeste braid Kyla's hair?

"What?!" Katie exclaimed. "Kyla is African-American?"

Katie has known and loved Kyla her whole life. 

Kyla and Katie, last day of school, June 2011

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