Sunday, September 30, 2007

Random updates

Katie fell off the slide at preschool on Thursday morning and broke her left clavicle. She's had a rough few days but is improving. (She started out sliding as usual but then stood up, lost her balance and tumbled about four feet onto her back.) We'll have to avoid playground equipment and classes at the Jungle Gym for three weeks, but then she should be completely healed.

Cooper and I had a great day together today. He participated in the children's Sabbath this morning, and then we headed for the State Fair of Texas. He rode a few midway rides, we ate some unhealthy food and we saw The Lion King. It was my third time to see the musical, and even still it induces chills. At times Cooper could hardly contain himself -- he waved his arms, sang with some of the songs and shouted "That's the best!" when Scar fell to his death toward the end of the second act.

Cooper is a Tiger Cub. He and Steve attended a lock-in Friday night with almost 300 other 1st-grade Cub Scouts. Poor Steve slept about six hours but woke up every hour, on the hour. He and Cooper had sleeping bags. Some families had king-size inflatable beds! Along with scouting comes fundraising, apparently, so if you're in the market for popcorn, let me know.

Cooper and five of his friends are part of a Destination Imagination team, coached by me, with help from all the other moms. They'll work until March to produce an eight-minute play and then perform it at noncompetitive tournament.

My blogging has suffered, as work projects have stacked up and are colliding with my volunteer projects and running-a-home projects. After I'm done with this update, I'll return to some writing, which this week includes M is for Malachi, a look at English translations of the Bible, a review of a Catholic blog, menu descriptions for Super Suppers for the month of January and household tips and facts for InnerCircle, a subscription Web site.

Steve's 20-year high school reunion is Saturday!

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