Tuesday, September 04, 2007


Katie is napping late today, recovering from a full day of preschool.

How excited was she? She wanted to wear her backpack in the car. She wouldn't take her backpack off when we reached the classroom. She didn't cry when I left -- she was already wrapped up in playing with plastic ponies. She wore her backpack while in the stroller, on our walk to and from Cooper's school this afternoon and told passers-by about her day.

Mrs. M said Katie is very mature for her age and was a big help with the other children. (She's probably seizing the opportunity to corral and boss some others around after being the little one at home.) Katie didn't fall asleep until late in the school day, and then the other three kids woke up, so Katie did too. Naps may be a challenge, as she's not allowed to take BB, her favorite blanket, to class. She's slept with BB since she was born, so the adjustment may take a while.

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