Monday, February 11, 2013

Happy (Chinese) New Year

Yesterday was our typical Sunday with a twist: a birthday party (the third of the weekend).
  • Church (Cooper was acolyte)
  • Sunday school
  • Quick lunch (at Caffe Bene, a new outpost of the South Korean chain in Carrollton)
  • Quick stop at Super H Mart (for salmon, ramen noodles, Korean sushi & roasted seaweed, plus Katie bought a stuffed Domo with her own money)
  • Piano lesson
  • Katie's DI practice (two weeks until the tournament)
  • Boy Scout meeting
  • Eva's gymnastics party at WOGA
When we got home around 5:45 p.m., Cooper left for a quick bike ride around the neighborhood, and Katie took a shower.

After she was dressed in pajamas, she gathered some construction paper. I asked what she was making. (She creates treasures just about every day.) She told me it was a surprise. Then she was was in her room, with the door closed, for at least 30 minutes.

Every now and then she would shout, "No one come in here!"

She took a break at one point to hand me a handmade dragon mask (a Katie creation from a few months ago). That was my only clue for the spectacle to come.

Finally, she was ready for the reveal. She instructed me to wear the dragon mask. She told me and Cooper to stand in the family room.

And then she came out in a swirl of color.

"I'm a dragon!" she said. "Happy New Year!"

Cooper and I laughed and laughed.

"You are so creative, Katie," Cooper said.

"I thought we should do something for Chinese New Year," she said, clearly disappointed in our lack of a bigger celebration but happy to create her own one-woman parade.

She stood still for a moment so I could take this photo.

Her dragon costume includes about 12 hair bows on her head plus some more on her pajama pants. She wrapped a scarf around her waist. She's wearing legwarmers on her feet. A poncho on her shoulders. A lei around her neck. Just about every bracelet she owns.

The construction paper body includes a mouth on one side and a feather boa tail on the other.

Happy (Chinese) New Year!

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