Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Friends since 2005

Noe & Katie, Valentine's Day 2009
Liz just rediscovered this super happy photo of Noe and Katie from four years ago. The girls were 3 and a half when this was taken. They went to separate preschools (Noe at Sunny Days, Katie at Holy Covenant) but spent a lot of time playing together.

Liz was a second mom to Katie during much of 2009, when Steve's condition was worsening and I required more help taking care of Katie, especially on non-preschool days.

These sweet girls have known each other pretty much since they were born. Katie is five weeks older. We expected Noe much later, but she had other plans and was born 11 weeks premature.

It's such a joy to watch them together still -- with their own distinct interests and some interests that collide. They are both bright, cheerful and funny girls with kind hearts and gentle spirits.

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