Saturday, August 25, 2012

Second grade

For the first time since 2006, Cooper did not go to Meet-the-Teacher Night at Bledsoe -- not only because he's no longer a student there but also because he was on his way to Athens, Texas, for a weekend of Boy Scout camping.

(I think it's obvious that moms have no say in scheduling camping weekends.)

We said goodbye to Cooper for the weekend at the Eggert house. Brian was kind enough to drive Cooper to First UMC Frisco, where the camp caravan begins.
Because I needed to work the membership table during the hour of Meet-the-Teacher, Katie and I were able to go to her classroom 30 minutes early.

Katie unpacked school supplies and then had plenty of time for reading while I was volunteering.
Katie's teacher is Wendy Barnes, a wonderful teacher and mom who I've known for years. Her daughter, Maddie, has even been our baby-sitter a few times.
Mrs. Barnes and Katie

The whole second grade is disproportionately filled with boys -- just as kindergarten and first grade were. For the third year in a row, Katie is in a class with very few girls -- only 6, with 14 boys. And the class has 9 gifted-and-talented kids. Wendy is going to have her hands full.

Katie is thrilled to have so many good friends in her class, including friend-since-birth Noe and her favorite friend who is a boy, Will C.

For now Mrs. Barnes has placed all the girl at one table.

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