Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Fashion advisors

Today for work I put on an A-line black knit dress. I usually wear it in the fall and winter with tights or leggings. It's not Texas summer wear -- unless it's 68 degrees in August. (What an unexpected gift!)

Even with cooler temperatures, leggings or tights would look strange in these parts in August. So I asked Katie, "Does this dress look too short without anything under it?"

She stared and considered. (She's always honest.)

"No, it's not too short, but it looks weird without shoes."

Later in the morning, I re-emerged with shoes. I asked again, just be to sure. I feel youthful, but I am 40 and don't want to go around looking ridiculous.

Katie and Cooper agreed that the dress isn't too short.

"Besides, Mommy," Katie said, "You just sit at a desk all day."

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