Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Work nest

I'm about to settle in for another night shift. Since September, I've been working three nights a week from home, editing on deadline for the DMN.

My favorite work night of the week is the night that overlaps with Laura, my best Universal Desk friend. She always greets me with a hello email. She anticipates questions and answers them before I even think of them. She offers excellent advice. She sends me little snippets of her own life at home and always makes me laugh.

Sunday night, as I virtually reported for duty, I sent her a note describing my work nest -- my workspace for four hours.

PJs and slippers
Sitting in Steve's grandfather's old green leather chair
Feet on ottoman
Covered in new, soft green blanket (Christmas gift)
Pillow behind me
Coffee, iPad and iPhone by my side
MacBook in my lap

And now, I'm off to create tonight's work nest.

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