Sunday, August 21, 2011

Snow in August

On Friday we drove from Port Hadlock to Port Angeles.

First stop: Blackbird Coffee House. I needed to file a story for a new client, and there was no Wi-Fi at the rental house. It was cold enough outside that Cooper and Katie ordered hot chocolate; I was warmed by a mocha.

Second stop: Olympic National Park's visitor center, for directions to Hurricane Ridge.

Cooper and a skull (wolf?) in the visitor center
Friendly park ranger Katie

Third stop, through windy, hilly roads: Hurricane Ridge.

From Hurricane Ridge, you can turn in any direction and see the entire Olympic mountain range. It's a breath-taking, gorgeous, give-thanks-to-God kind of view. 

Hurricane Ridge

We hiked a few trails, where we found the odd mix wildflowers and patches of snow. In August. While our friends at home were continuing to suffer through the worst summer in decades.

Coop is always looking for a good-natured snowball fight.
After 36 days of 100 degrees or higher in Texas, we didn't complain once about being cold.
Lupine in full bloom 
Just before heading north to find Lake Crescent
We did not take this outing for granted. We played and took deep breaths and stopped to stare often.

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