Monday, August 22, 2011

First day

Katie starts first grade today, in Mrs. Gallant's class.

Friends in her class include Will, Logan, Alyssa and Brooke.

Cooper starts fifth grade in Mr. Jensen's homeroom. He'll rotate to Mrs. Shilson's class for language arts and social studies.

Best friend Asher is not in his class this year, but he has lots of other buddies.

This is the second and final year that they'll be on the same campus. (Though Katie is plotting to attend undergraduate school wherever Cooper is getting his graduate degree. She'd prefer University of Texas.)

I've enjoyed this summer so much. I know it's time for our school routine, but I'm going to miss these babies.

Uncle Jim drove from North Dallas very early to walk to school with us. He flies back to Washington, D.C., today.

Angie Williams is the best counselor ever. She has helped our family so much over the past few years.

Coop finds his desk.

Brooke, Mrs. Gallant and Katie

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