Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Happy 6th birthday, Katie!

Since the day Cooper turned 1, it's been our tradition to take a photo of the birthday child immediately after waking up.

Katie turns 2. (I was in Shanghai when Katie turned 2. I know that Steve took a photo, but I haven't relocated it yet.)

And now, Katie turns 6.

She's sleeping upstairs in a makeshift clubhouse many nights this summer. And she's a big fan of wearing old Cooper T-shirts as pajamas. I especially love this one -- it's from our first trip to Disneyland, when Cooper was almost 3.

Katie went to camp at church (where her class celebrated with fudge popsicles). That evening we met Melane, Brooke and Molli  for a shared birthday dinner at Purple Cow in Allen. (Aunt Mel's birthday is June 19.)

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