Wednesday, October 03, 2007


Back in the spring I worked almost nonstop (at least it felt that way) for four weeks on a project for Fodor's -- updating their DFW listings on restaurants, hotels, attractions, shopping and nightlife. (I know, I'm no nightlife expert.) The results are online now.

Special thanks to Laura, who sent me the job listing; adventurous diners Julie and Layne; my little family, who followed me on all kinds of field trips; Liz and Betty for the free babysitting services; and all my friends who offered suggestions!

In addition to learning a great deal about my hometown, I learned that I've mispronounced the company's name forever. Fodor's rhymes with voters. (I'm also no pronunciation expert. I'd be a terrible broadcast journalist.)

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Laura said...

I've always wondered how to pronounce their name. I'm glad the assignment worked out for you. It's sad to say I will need to consult these listings before my next trip home. We've been away too long!