Saturday, June 09, 2007


New mommy Amy and baby Gavin

Drew ("Drewbe")

A local bank sponsors free outdoor concerts every Friday in June. We finally made it out there last night and had a great time listening to Joe Dee Graham. We sat with two neighbor families and enjoyed the relatively cool evening.

That's Katie in the pink hat, making friends with a nearby group.

Cooper and Katie are both extroverts -- more so than Steve and much more so than me. Cooper ran up to the front of the crowd and made some friends. They all played Frisbee and soccer together. He also found Anish, a fellow alum of Mrs. D's class.
Cooper rests for just a few moments before running off again.

Katie toddled off to nearby families, climbing in wagons, playing with others' toys, making friends with a daschund. She also loved playing with Scooby Dube, our neighbor dog and one of the most well-loved, well-behaved dogs I've ever known.


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