Sunday, June 03, 2007

Girly girl in disguise


A cheerful summer dress from Grandma & Papa

When we were visiting the Tarun-Stogsdills last week, I realized how much Katie loves girly things -- magic wands, bracelets, princesses. At home she has some decidedly girly toys -- purses, a play kitchen with food, a baby doll -- but not many. She's as likely to play with cars, knights and plastic amphibians, I suppose because she sees Cooper playing with them and because there's a lot more of them after almost six years of collecting. Her clothes are feminine except the hand-me-down PJs, such as the Batman costume she's wearing here. (It was one of Cooper's favorites, a gift from the Pry-Beckas.) We called her Batgirl the night and morning she wore them.

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