Wednesday, January 01, 2014

Three words

Cooper, Katie & Tyra today at the Heart of Dallas Bowl, where UNT beat UNLV, 36-14

I started 2013 with joy in mind. (You can read my column about it here.)

Cooper and Katie chose to join me with the one word idea. Presenting our one words for 2014 …

Cooper: Logic
Katie: Calm
Tyra: Embrace

I chose embrace with these thoughts: I want to be content without being complacent. I want to enjoy what I have without seeking what I don't need. I want to embrace who we are as a family and as individuals. I hope to embrace new ideas and experiences as they arrive. I hope to be enthusiastically welcoming to others in our home, in the classroom, in our community, at church.

Later this week: Cooper and Katie will explain their choices.

Happy 2014!

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