Saturday, December 07, 2013

Living HorseHorse

Katie recently wrote an essay for school about HorseHorse, one of her stuffed animals. I have corrected spelling. The rest is all Katie.

Sometimes I think my stuffed animals come to life. I got HorseHorse when I was little. I will treasure her for the rest of my life. HorseHorse is very valuable to me. I love her.

The is what I will start with. HorseHorse's ears are small from me rubbing on them lightly and kindly. On her head she has two blue eyes and reins. She is entirely covered in a soft, smooth blanket of red.

Now I shall get to her body. She is still covered in beautiful red. She has a small squiggly blue line on her back. HorseHorse has cute little legs. I love HorseHorse!

HorseHorse is so delicate that stuffing is falling out. I will pass her down to my kids. So that's about it for the amazing and wonderful … HorseHorse.

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