Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Summer so far

In an ideal dream world, I would spend summer days at home, sleeping late, reading, taking Cooper and Katie to the pool, visiting with friends, perusing library shelves and museum exhibits.

In this real world, though, I work, and I'm happy to have a good job not too far from home, with flexibility, nice people and health insurance.

And, really, Cooper and Katie aren't suffering.

This week they're sleeping late (well, late for them) and having great fun around Frisco with our dear friend Haley, who is helping take care of us for the fourth summer in a row. She is a huge blessing in our lives.

Just a snippet of the fun since the last bell on Friday -- and it's only noon Wednesday ...

  • Ice cream with Adam and Julie
  • Block party on Nightwind Court
  • Ballet Shoes evening with Maddie, including make-your-own pizzas, watching the movie and ice cream
  • Zooniversity show at the Frisco Public Library
  • Watched The Goonies and Jesus Christ Superstar at home
  • Watched Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs at the theater
  • Hope Park
  • Saturday morning at the pool
  • Picnic under trees
  • Lunch at Ikea (kids eat free on Tuesdays!)
  • Dinner with the Watland-Woody family
  • Rangers game (courtesy of the Trimble family, who have the best seats, three rows up from Nolan Ryan)
  • Lots and lots of reading (I've finally let Cooper read The Hunger Games series)

Seriously, that's more in five days than I would usually do all summer long in my own childhood. (I've totally got them beat, though, on episodes of The Brady Bunch, Gilligan's Island and Gidget.)

Katie, Thomas & Cooper at the Ballpark; that's Nolan Ryan's balding head in front of us (blue shirt)

Katie in her hip-hop recital costume (watch this space for an entire column devoted to the recital)

Checking out Hope Park on a really hot day

Can you spy a cute KT monster?
Lunch at Central Park, Frisco

A bonus dance video, shared by Cooper & Katie, which made me laugh out loud at work:

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