Sunday, March 17, 2013

Eggs with a message

Today in Sunday school, Katie decorated a cardboard egg with sticker "jewels."

From that experience, she launched a small service project. This afternoon, she spent two hours:

  • Buying two dozen plastic eggs, jewels and glue
  • Buying candy
  • Stuffing the eggs with candy and a Bible verse
  • Decorating the eggs with jewels

We will deliver the eggs later this week to Atria Senior Living in Carrollton. (It's a retirement home that our church has adopted.)

Some of the eggs have a special meaning, designed with a particular thought in mind. Here are the concepts she illustrated on some of the eggs (all in her own words):

Sometimes there can be darkness in the world, but God can take away the darkness and make people happy.

Sometimes darkness can trap the world, but God can shine His light through.

God is a signal of love, and He sends His love to the earth to make us happy.

Sometimes the rich don't get as much as the poor, because God takes care of the poor.

Even if people laugh at you, you can still let your inspiration shine.

When you get a bad idea or you're going to trick someone, you should instead use your gifts from God wisely and kindly.

Love who you are and shine it out.

Even if you get tangled up or stuck, there's always something you can be joyful about.

Whenever you've lost your way, God will make a path back home.

A little heart can make a big difference. Don't judge by how someone looks. They can always shine really bright.

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Haley said...

This is totally awesome! Love KT and the inspiration that she is.