Monday, September 10, 2012


I've been fighting a sinus infection and severely sore throat (seriously, it's on fire) for a few days.

It's the kind of short-term malady that might make me feel sorry for myself except for all the good that surrounds our family.

Here was our Sunday schedule:

  • Leave the house at 7:45 a.m. to pick up donuts (for Cooper's confirmation class) on the way to church
  • Get to church by 8:30 for early service, during which Cooper was the offertory speaker
  • Teach junior high Sunday school until 10:45
  • Eat lunch at 11
  • Grocery shop at Sprouts at 11:45
  • Cooper back to church for 12:15 piano lesson
  • Home by 1:20
  • Cooper to Scouts from 3 to 4:30
  • Cooper to 5:15 soccer game

See that little window from 1:20 to 3? That was my best shot to be seen by a doctor for increasingly severe head, ear and throat pain.

So I texted Katrina, to check on the patient load at Legacy ER. (She and Jay are co-owners of Legacy, and he is one of the doctors there.)

She reported that it had been a busy morning and to check back with her when I was on the way. I texted at 1:40 to say we were on the way; she replied that the timing was good.

I checked in by 1:48. By 2:03 I had already been giving a steroid/antibiotic shot, and we were gone by 2:10, giving me ample time to drop off a prescription for more antibiotics and get Cooper to Scouts early.

On the way home from soccer, we stopped by Julianne's house, who had picked up Babe's for us for dinner. I had planned to cook, but she intervened. Good thing. By the time we were home from soccer, I was spent.

I somehow managed to oversee showers and brushing of teeth and finished a freelance assignment before falling into bed.

When I woke Katie at 6:30 this morning, she opened her eyes and spoke the sweetest words: "How are you feeling?"

I thought well enough for work (and I had already missed Friday because it was Sept. 7, my least favorite day of the year). I was wrong.

After making sure Cooper was ready for middle school and getting Katie to Bledsoe, I drove to work. Berta came in a few minutes after I did, listened to my scary, raspy voice and sent me home.

I slept off and one for four hours before taking on the afternoon craziness that is our lives. And I left Katie's hip-hop dance class with dinner, again courtesy of Julianne.

In a few minutes, both Cooper and Katie will be in bed, fast asleep. I'm not far behind. I'm praying that I feel much better tomorrow. And I'm giving thanks to God for the kind people all around me who make life easier.

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