Sunday, July 08, 2012

The Nasher

One of the loveliest spots in all of Dallas is the Nasher Sculpture Center. (And I hope it stays that way despite all the trouble at the adjacent Museum Tower.)

We've been admiring art there since it opened in 2003. When Cooper was very young, he met (the now late) Ray Nasher at the center and told him "thank you" for the collection.

Steve and I had a membership one year -- his final year on earth, actually. I wanted Steve to be able to enjoy the beauty whenever he wanted, even if only for a 10-minute visit. (I love the memories from this visit.)

The first Saturday of every month is free, thanks to a partnership with Target. The day always includes hands-on activities, story time and family tours.

Cooper, Katie and I visited for about 90 minutes on Saturday morning -- before the heat was unbearable and before a birthday party (for Noe) and a visit with friends (Jackie and Sydney).

Patrons can walk through "Kink," a piece by Ernesto Neto. 
"Squares with Two Circles" 
All kinds of insects make their home in the lily pad pond.
"Garden Fork (Red)"
"Garden Fork (Red)"
I love how it blends in and stands out among the trees.
"Eviva Amore" 
(I can't find the name of this one.) 
One of the activities was creating a puppet of your future self.
Neither child had trouble deciding what to create. 
Katie made an artist, with a blue and orange dress, paintbrush and palette.
Future Katie was complete long before Future Cooper. 
Katie and Future Katie get acquainted while Cooper finishes Future Cooper.
Future Cooper is a science teacher. He wears a tie and holds an erupting volcano in his left hand.
Future Cooper and Future Katie are friends.

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