Saturday, May 05, 2012

Mother-Daughter Tea

Every year I consider buying tickets to the Frisco Women's League tea, but for one reason or the other, I never do.

Denise, a mom friend from Bledsoe, was unable to use tickets to this year's Mother-Daughter Tea. She generously offered them to me and Katie. We were happy to accept!

We had just a couple of days to pull together a hat for Katie. (Hats are kind of a big deal at this event.)

We found a straw hat at Hobby Lobby, but we didn't like the blue and pink ribbon wrapped around it. I eventually pulled it off (there was some sturdy glue) and replaced it with some pink sequined ribbon.

That wasn't enough, though. I also added some fake fur to the underside of the hat. And I pinned up a side of the hat with a giant pink flower. Katie declared it "ruffly and pretty."

Katie in her "ruffly" hat
Katie and Tyra, on the way to the party
I found a giant hat for me. Well, giant brim. Not-so-giant crown. My noggin is giant. I can't fit normal hats made for women. (When I placed my order for my college cap and gown, the woman at the bookstore made me remeasure my head. She couldn't believe the measurement.) I could kind of balance this one on the back of my head, but I had to take it off early in the event -- I just couldn't keep it from falling off.

We arrived at the same time as the Mango girls (who we'd seen just an hour before at the Dolphins game), which was good timing, as the entrance line was long. We were able to visit, admire one another's hats and dresses and speculate on the food inside. (Cooper was at the Mango house, playing video games and swimming with the Mango boys.)

The ballroom was transformed into a giant candy land, complete with costumed characters, giant pieces of "candy," a candy bar, crafts reliant on candy. In other words, a Katie paradise.
Katie wore her hat for the duration of the party. I did not.
Our table was with women from Denise's church, and I sat next to Kim, a woman I was destined to meet at some point -- we share some friends and experiences. In fact, her youth minister at First United Methodist Church of Dallas was the amazing Sarah Squires, who was Steve's youth minister at Schreiber Memorial United Methodist a few years before. 
Lovely dessert plate
Lollipop centerpiece
We enjoyed fresh fruit, finger sandwiches, scones with clotted cream and jam, pastries and tea.
The fashion show included our friends Lauren and Tara, far right.
We also enjoyed a fashion show and brief visits with other Frisco friends.

Eva (soon-to-be kindergartener at Bledsoe) and Katie
Katie has already requested that I buy tickets for next year -- and that we start working on hat ideas soon.
Our friend Jen won the award for most creative hat -- a handmade paper hat by Emma, her talented 9-year-old.

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