Saturday, April 07, 2007

Easter eve

If you've lived anytime in Texas, you learn to expect unexpected weather. So, snow flurries on the day before Easter may not surprise you. The precipitation didn't stick, but the cold and wind did keep us inside most of the day. We did venture out for the egg hunt at church. The games and crafts were inside, and the actual hunt was outside. Of course, it takes almost no time for kids to gather eggs, so no one was outside too long.

Cooper loved the sack race, egg-on-a-spoon relay (though all the hard-boiled eggs quickly cracked and they had to switch to plastic eggs) and the beanbag toss. Katie enjoyed disrupting all those activities, so Steve and I took turns following and/or holding our little adventure girl.

I don't have photos of Cooper hunting eggs with the other kindergarteners and first-graders -- I was helping Katie with the younger, less cutthroat hunters.

Lots more photos are here.

Our sweeties were sleepy after the fun and cuddled a bit before bed.

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